Inspiration Spotlight

by Sara Shaw on January 25, 2020

Christina Mandrell is a creative/entrepreneur who did not let the struggle of motherhood stop her from chasing her dreams. IN FACT, becoming a mother was one of her dreams. Blakely, is a "Rainbow Baby" who was gifted to Christina, after a tragic miscarriage of twins. Once overcoming heartbreak and adjusting to becoming a new mother a year later, Christina launched her own business with her best friend "It Takes Two", a luxury wedding and event planning company in Nashville, TN.

SHE DOESN'T HOLD ME BACK "I made a promise to myself when we got pregnant that I wasn't going to let having a baby keep me from living my life. If I'm being sincere, I actually have more of a life now than I did before being a mom. Of course, Blakely is number one in my life and always will be, but that doesn't mean that I can't have a life too. You know what I mean, If you have or ever have had a toddler then you know that sometimes even just going to a restaurant can be a huge ordeal."  -Christina Mandrell

To learn more about Christina and her journey visit CHRISTINAMANDRELL.COM or visit ITAKESTOTNEVENTS.COM to be stunned by her amazing talents. In addition, Christina is a full-time model and aspiring actress, with her most recent movie called "After Darkness" starring Kyra Sedgwick and Natalia Dyer. She's had numerous roles and appearances across the entertainment industry. Follow Christina on instagram @CHRISTINAMANDRELL to keep up with her busy, yet inspiring lifestyle!