When customers buy a handmade product from Rosewood Row, they are really buying: a child time with their mother, (who handmade your purchase while her babe was asleep upstairs) or buying a survivor of human trafficking a new life, or supporting a female entrepreneur who chose to support her family with her God-given talent rather than pushing it aside to climb the corporate ladder.

All of our products were purchased for a dual purpose beyond the scope of superficial features. This was strategically designed so that each purchase has a positive impact for the CUSTOMER AND VENDOR. It truly matters where your money goes, and Rosewood Row wants to ensure it supports purposes dedicated to positively impacting the lives of women.

We call this a “dual purpose purchase.” We are changing the way people think “business”. It’s more than just shopping- it’s life changing!

Rosewood Row is honored to work with each individual female creative who has joined this journey with us. It is critical to the values at Rosewood Row to partner with female entrepreneurs, not for profits, and social enterprises whom are as dedicated to changing the world for women as we are. It all starts with you. What special occasion are you shopping for?




 Founder of Rosewood Row 

Sara Shaw Owner/Creative Director of Rosewood Row

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting Rosewood Row! I started this company to showcase the talent of female artists and prove the positive impact their talents can have on others. In addition to wanting to showcase female creatives, I want to enable female artists to pursue thier passion not only for their personal well-being, but for the amazing benefits it can provide in the role as a current or future mother. My children are the absolute "loves of my life" and as I watch their creativity unfold I realized how important and valuable creativity is, ebnabling them to think for themselves. I do not agree with an cultural/educational system that encourages financial stability with little support for creative outlets that lift the spirit and clear the mind. I believe while creativity may not be a sure set path to riches superficially, it is in abstract ways. Your family, friends, customers, will value your handmade work long after you leave the world. You are one of a kind and your imagination is one of a kind. So please! Draw the picture, write the poem, sing your song, and pursue the abstract concept within your imagination into this physical world so someone can see/hear/taste/touch/feel what you imagined. They may need your creation more than you know. All that being said, I appreciate any time taken to view our products, our purpose, and our mission to inspire, encourage and empower others!